Our story

Where it all started...

Many years ago, when Barbara, the founder of Barbara's Jewellery, was a teenage girl, she found her passion for jewellery making. Her mother used to take her to markets across Europe on their summer holidays, sourcing all sorts of beads. Very soon people around her noticed her talent for beading and started to make enquiries for purchase. Barbara then found herself selling her handmade jewellery on markets and directly to customers. 
She evolved her hobby to an actual business to include all sorts of accessories when she became an adult. She then designed her own jewellery and produced these in China and India. She soon realised however that the making of the jewellery is what gives her so much joy in life so she changed her plans and started Barbara's - Handmade Jewellery in Dubai.

Unique designs 

All our pieces are designed and created by hand. We use natural materials such as pearls, freshwater pearls, natural gemstones, crystals and all our findings have a 18K gold coating which lasts a lifetime. 

For a sustainable future 

We make to order which means that we do not keep stock. This allows us to create based on demand. It does mean that we will need a day to create the pieces you have selected but we promise you, it is worth the wait. 

Whilst we obviously love jewellery, we are very conscious of the footprint we leave behind and feel strongly about our role in influencing our stakeholders to do the same. This also means that you are guaranteed to receive a piece that was specifically created for you as soon as you hit click on your online order. It also means that we limit the amount of waste we leave behind on our precious planet.